Pray Your Way Forward

Revitalizing Your Life, Your Church, and Your Community through
Prayer, Fasting, and Witness
By: Rev. Dr. Ken A. Ramsey

Old Testament Reading:    II Chronicles 7: 12-15
New Testament Reading:   John 17: 9-23

“The Prayer That Needs An Echo”

The longest recorded prayer of Jesus is in John 17. Sometimes called “The Real Lord’s Prayer”, it gives us a powerful look at Jesus praying specifically for us, His followers. His prayer provides a prayer guide for us that can lead to a deeper walk and a more faithful witness.

  1. Jesus prayed for our JOY which leads to a POSITVE WITNESS.
    During your time of prayer and fasting, “echo” the prayer of Jesus and pray for a new Spirit of joy to fill your life, the church, and the community. Pray that we would together offer a positive witness for Christ amidst a very negative world.
  2. Jesus prayed for our PROTECTION which leads to a PERSISTENT WITNESS.
    Echo this part of Jesus’ prayer by praying for God’s Spirit to surround and protect you, the spiritual leaders of your area, and Christ’s disciples. With new courage we are able to be persistent and consistent in our witness; pray that no one will grow weary or lose heart!
  3. Jesus prayed for our UNITY which leads to a PERSUASIVE WITNESS.
    Make this a special focus of your time of prayer and fasting. Unity in the Body of Christ and in our communities will be the single greatest way that we persuade others concerning the love of Jesus Christ.
  4. Jesus prayed for THOSE YET TO BELIEVE which thus calls for our PERSONAL WITNESS.
    Using the “FRAN” plan, pray specifically for those who have not yet experienced the joy of a connected relationship to Christ. Look for open doors to offer a word of personal faith sharing.