Six Weeks of Prayer Unity


by Rev. Dr. Ken A. Ramsey

WEEK I:  “Surrendering to the Great Commandment”
Scriptures:  Matthew 22: 34-40; Ephesians 4: 22-5:2I John 4: 15-21

  • What priority emerges from these scriptures?
  • What words/phrases/sentences make you feel most uncomfortable?
  • What direction is God giving in these passages?

Pray for an abundance of love to fill your heart and your church.
Pray specifically for any barriers that are preventing love from reigning supreme.
Pray for the Words in these scriptures to become a reality in your life and your church.
Pray The Lord’s Prayer saying each phrase reverently and slowly.

WEEK II : “Understanding the Spirit-controlled Life”
Scriptures: Galatians 5: 13-21; Galatians 5: 22-26; Philippians 2: 5-16

  • List the fruit that characterizes a Christian Disciple.
  • What does Paul say fulfills all the law in one word?
  • Paul tells the Philippians to do all things without what two things
  • What direction is God giving in these passages?

Pray for each one of the “fruits” to be evident in your life and the church.
Pray that love would rule the day in every heart and every situation.
Pray that you can recognize where you need to give place to God’s Spirit instead of your own opinion or viewpoint.
Pray the Lord’s prayer repeating each phrase and pausing to meditate.

WEEK III : “Gaining Godly Wisdom Concerning  Differences”

Scriptures: Colossians 3: 6-17; I Thess. 5: 8-24; I Corinthians 12:12-27

  • What are we to do when we have a complaint against another?
  • As New People in Christ why do we still have trouble following the scriptures instruction?
  • What should one part of the body never say to another part?
  • How can God direct us to allow our differences to be overcome for His greater cause?

Pray for the strength to forgive and to resolve differences in a Godly manner.
Pray that God would mold you into a healthy body of believers.
Pray that God would teach you how to build one another up daily.
Pray  the Lord’s Prayer saying each phrase reverently, slowly.

Week IV: “Seeking First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”

Scriptures: Matthew 6: 27-33; Matthew 7: 1-5; Matthew 18: 21-35

  • What does Jesus say our priority should be in life?
  • How do conflicts/complaining get in the way of this priority?
  • What does Jesus teach about looking at others more critically
    than ourselves?
  • What guidance/exhortation does Jesus’ parable give us ?

Pray for the Kingdom of God to come first in your church and your life.
Pray for clear vision and for the removal of judgmental attitudes, harmful words, and toxic thoughts.
Pray the Lord’s prayer repeating each phrase reverently, slowly.

Week V:  “Bearing One Another’s Burdens In Christ”

Scriptures: Galatians 6: 1-2; Philippians 1: 27-2:4; II Corinthians 5: 14-20

  • Bearing one another’s burdens fulfills what according to Paul?
  • What specific instructions does Paul give the Philippians?
  • Why did Jesus die,  according to II Corinthians 5: 15?
  • What direction is God giving in these passages?

Pray for the burdens of one another specifically.
Pray that our conversations would always “become the gospel”.
Pray that God would take away your self-centered tendencies.
Pray that God would show you the heart of someone with whom you disagree.
Pray together the Lord’s Prayer repeating each phrase reverently.

Week VI: “Rising Above the Clamor to Claim Our Purpose”

Scriptures: Romans 12: 1-21; Mark 1: 14-27; Matthew 28: 16-20

  • List as many specific instructions on how we are to live as Christians that you can find in Romans 12.
  • What is the call of Christ that comes to all followers?
  • How do conflicts/complaints directly interfere with this call?
  • What barriers or strongholds are in your life that God needs to move?

Pray that God would restore a sense of His purpose to you and your your church.
Pray that the Lord would make the words of Romans 12 to dwell in your heart and in your church.
Pray together the Lord’s Prayer reverently and slowly.